(This is a letter to Richard an inspirational friend who changed my life.)

Listen or read below:


Hi Richard,

It’s a long time since we’ve spoken but I just wanted to get in touch and tell you how much you’ve inspired me, and that I love you.

I know that might sound like a big statement to start off but…it really is true, and I want to explain why.

I love you because there is a part of me that you have created. Not created in the way that a Mother or a Father might create somebody but, created in the way that a sage might create somebody. I feel that there is a part of me that has grown out of your wisdom and your drive and your ingenuity and your creativity and your music.

I know that my words would be amplified by hundreds maybe thousands more people and I can only speak for myself but I want you to know that you taught me some amazing things that stay with me today and I’m sure will for the rest of my life too.

You taught me how to take a risk and to become the best version of me. You taught me about being respectful of myself and about being respectful of others, and within that you taught me about the importance of community and the importance of diversity and about… how with self-respect and respect for others we can change the places we live locally, nationally and globally.

You also taught me about having a dream and trying to fulfil that and I always respected that when I was in your dream. But I respect it more now that I’m trying to make my own dream come true.  I’m inspired everyday by your dream, I’m not trying to recreate your dream, but in creating my own and I now recognise how hard it is.  I always recognised you as somebody who was quite gentle but there is also somebody there who is really really strong and determined and dedicated.  I respect that and that inspires me as well……and that gives me strength when things are hard.

So I want to say thank you for the time you gave me, for the memories I have and for the part of me that you and your dream has created, I’m very grateful and I love you and I hope that I see you again…soon.

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