This article was formed from a video conversation between several ‘Good Souls’ regarding the topic of stress.

We’ve previous written on the topic of worry, that men worry and some men worry a lot.

The same goes for stress. A difficult topic, and something we all want less of.

The following graphic below was put together following a conversation between several Good Souls, to help allow for a path to get past difficult barriers to reset in regards to stressful situations:

During the discussion the question came up of “Is it a “man” thing that we can’t ask for help? That we can’t say these things above?”.

Difficult territory, and could be considered a stereotype, but we certainly agreed as a group that we all seemed to struggle with it, and there is also lots of research to suggest “men tend to not engage in help-seeking behaviour and downplay their physical and mental health symptoms”[1] .

It can be difficult to ask for help when feeling stressed. If you are still feeling overwhelmed and unable to tackle the stress, pick up the phone and talk to another Good Soul and get some support. Don’t be afraid of seeking help.


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