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This article is written by Gary:

How hard is it to say “Love you mate.”?

You love your Mum or your Dad.

You love your wife or partner.

You love running or walking up a hill or Strictly Come Dancing.

You love your son or daughter.

You love your dog or cat.

You love fish & chips or a cup of Yorkshire Gold tea or peppermint tea.

You don’t love your Mum the way you do your partner; and you don’t love your Mum nor your partner in the same way that you love a cup of tea.

Maybe you don’t love any of these?!

Whether you do or don’t, what this illustrates is… there are many different types of love.

Here are the the 8 different types of love according to the Ancient Greeks:


Source: Rosie Chomet

Note in there Philia (/ˈfɪliə/; Ancient Greek: φιλία), often translated as “brotherly love” or “friendship”.

(This is not to be confused with Brother Lee Love. A joke for those of a certain age there. I make no apologies, it made me giggle, 😆).

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