This is Piotr’s story. An old head on young shoulders:


A pub fact I hear again and again is “that more people are alive today than have ever lived in human history.” There are 7.53 billion of us as of 2017[¹] and all it takes is an evening deep-diving into the internet to realise that we can marvel in all the history, horrors, humour and humility of what it means to be human. Yet in a time where we all can be connected to so many different people and so much information and opinion, why do so many of us still feel so lonely and helpless, struggling to find the answers?

The suspension bridge in the ancient woodland where the Good Souls event was held.

Good Souls

Through a close friend of mine, I came across a men’s circle he was organising. Good Souls: A supportive community of men who share, connect and grow together.

I joined for the second event. We met in nature in the woods. The setting explained perfectly by one of the organisers:

“About a dozen of us. Mainly strangers to each other.In the middle of nowhere in an ancient woodland. An isolated barn with a compost toilet. No phone signal.”

I didn’t know what to expect from attending the event. But on the four-hour drive home from the ancient woodland, the outcome of the weekend really resonated with me. A mixture of us, who didn’t know each other well, all ages, in nature discussed every topic under the sun well into the night and helped each other.

Feeling comfortable in nature

It struck me how bringing strangers together in nature, to sit together in a circle at a beautiful spot by the river, created such a relaxed atmosphere for open and honest discussion.

The ancient woodland where the Good Souls event was held.

Having the correct environment is key for sharing, listening and facilitating open and meaningful discussion. There is an undeniable primal feeling of comfort and scientific proof of the restorative and psychological benefits of being amongst nature[²].

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