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Our vision is that we want to give this Good Souls thing away, so more men can meet in nature and share, connect and grow together.

If you’d like to set up your own Good Souls men’s circle, wherever you are in the world, We’d be happy to share our experiences and to help guide you to make it happen. Below are some guidelines or feel free to get in touch and ask any questions.


  1. Setting up a Good Souls community
  2. Who is Good Souls for
  3. Running a Good Souls event near you

1. Setting up a Good Souls community

At Good Souls we are building a great community because when great communities are created great things happen. And because we want this to last. Also because we want to share this and see it grow.

It’s inevitable that communities happen when people come together, but GREAT communities are created when people consciously join together with a clear understanding of what makes a great community: invitation & choice, shared values, celebration of diversity and shared experiences.


Read more here: A story and guidance by Danny about Community.

2. Who is Good Souls for?

Good Souls isn’t necessarily about BEING a Good Soul.

It’s more about being open and willing to cultivating your own soul, and being open and willing to being a part of others cultivating theirs.

Read more here: Who is Good Souls for?

We ask potential newbies to look closely at the About page and in particular watch the video. Some men want to run a mile, that’s okay. Some men want to find out more and read the personal stories and ask some questions, that’s ok too.

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