Danny & Gary have been friends for years.

Danny loved what he did at work, but shared with Gary that he also wanted to experience something like it but on a ‘deeper level’.

Soon after that conversation, this video landed in Gary’s inbox:


It had a huge impact on Gary.

He shared it immediately with Danny and asked…

"Why don’t we put our good friends together in the woods and ask some of these questions and see what happens?"

That’s when Good Souls was born.


A supportive community of men who share, connect and grow together.

Being part of Good Souls is not a substitute for professional mental health services. Some of us are experienced facilitators, but we are not professional Psychologists or Counsellors.

You don't have to have 'a problem' to come to a Good Souls event. You can come to listen. You can come to help others.

Attending a Good Souls event and joining our friendly community is by invitation.

We meet in nature.

(This is why we think meeting in nature is important).

We talk.We listen.We share.

We value each others as individuals and embrace the diverse life experiences and personalities in the group.

We are a community.

When we meet, phones go off and we introduce each other by asking two questions:

1.) Who are you?

(Specifically we ask you not to mention what you do for a living. You are not your job).

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