My friend Danny & I (Gary) have have set up a new Men’s Circle called ‘Good Souls’.

A supportive community of men who share, connect and grow together.

We meet in nature, in the woods. There have been two events so far.

The whole thing was inspired by this video:


The second event took place on the last weekend in June. About a dozen of us. Mainly strangers to each other.

In the middle of nowhere in an ancient woodland. An isolated barn with a compost toilet. No phone signal.

What resonated to me on the Sunday morning, was these two words:

Comfort & Discomfort.

Conversations that followed on Monday and subsequent chats since were around the same takeaway. Comfort & Discomfort.

We always go to Comfort.

As soon as it’s cold, put another layer on.

As soon as we feel slightly hungry, it’s time for lunch.

You say “I’m fine” when someone asks if you are okay, even when we are not.

We naturally stay in our comfort zone. But…

How good does a chilli taste when you’ve trekked in and out of the woods a couple of times?

How fab does your own bed feel when you’ve roughed it for a night?

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